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A selection of tools to help you make tea in your preferred way.

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Bamboo Tea Scoop

The bamboo tea scoops‚ bamboo tea spoons‚ whichever name you prefer are very popular. Handmade using bamboo these sturdy little scoops are good for measuring out tea or any other dried goods. As well as selling lots for people to use for tea making we also sell them for salt pots‚ sugar jars and more. READ MORE...

Price: @ £2.50

Enamel Badge - 90% Tea 10% Human

For the tea connoisseur ‚ lover or geek the perfect little gift . READ MORE...

Price: @ £3.00


A very useful universal strainer cum infuser. 8cm in height with lid and anti-slip handles it can be used in most cups ‚ mugs and even the odd tea pot to make that perfect brew. READ MORE...

Price: Black @ £8.50

Tea Ball - Tee Ei

All the convenience of a teabag with the plus of being able to use a variety of teas. READ MORE...

Price: @ £3.95

Tea Ball- Family/Teapot Size

 A large tea ball suitable for a family size teapot. READ MORE...

Price: @ £4.50

Tea Measuring Spoon

Everyday teaspoons seem to come in a variety of sizes and shapes but this little spoon is a perfect measure to ensure consistency when making your cup of tea. Handy for baking too.   READ MORE...

Price: @ £3.50

Tea Strainer-Empress

A tea strainer which evokes an age of charm and elegance. Very popular with retro and vintage lovers and which looks the part in a traditional afternoon tea setting. READ MORE...

Price: @ £6.00

Unbleached Paper Tea Filter - Two sizes

Unbleached paper tea filters from Germany. Available in two sizes. READ MORE...

Buy Small Unbleached Paper Tea Filter - Two sizes @ £4.50
Buy Large Unbleached Paper Tea Filter - Two sizes @ £5.00