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Tea Tins and Caddies

Looking after your tea is well worth the effort and simple too. It just likes to be kept in the dark‚ cool and dry. It doesn't like being exposed to the air‚ being in bright light and getting too hot or damp...well not until you make a brew .

Keeping in a tin is a traditional way of looking after your tea.

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Black Tea Tin

A sleek‚ smart tea tin with good fitting lid to help keep your tea in great condition. The tin holds approximately 150g of tea and measures 15cm height and 7.5cm width ( approx 6 inches x 3 inches ). READ MORE...

Price: @ £ 4.50

Dragon Tea Tin

A colourful and traditionally designed tea tin. Capacity 100gr. READ MORE...

Price: @ £ 3.50

Gold Coloured Tea Tin

A traditional round shaped tea tin with a domed outer lid in an attractive matt gold coloured finish. The tin holds approximately 100g of tea and has a double lid to help keep the tea in good shape. The caddy measures 11.5 cms tall and 9 cm diameter ( approx 4 inches x 3.5 inches ) READ MORE...

Price: @ £ 4.50

Silver Coloured Tea Tin - 50g

This brushed silver coloured tea tin has a good fitting lid to ensure your tea is kept in great condition. This size is ideal for teas that you buy in small quantities - perhaps teas you like but save for a special treat so don't drink everyday. READ MORE...

Price: @ £ 2.75

Summer Tea Tin

A delightful round tea tin with integral lid and separate top . Capacity 125gr. READ MORE...

Price: @ £ 4.00

Traditional Tea Tins

A very traditional design in both shape and design makes this a very attractive tea tin. Well made with a good fitting lid this tin has been especially made for storing tea and should keep your tea fresh and in good condition. READ MORE...

Buy Small Traditional Tea Tins @ £ 3.50
Buy Large Traditional Tea Tins @ £ 4.50